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OMG, you guys, my [community profile] hd_holidays gift fic has posted and it is so FANTASTIC!!

Title: The Miniature Matchmaker by: anonymous - R; Harry/Draco, mentions of past Harry/Ginny and Draco/Astoria, various background pairings implied; warnings: Mentions of wanking - Summary: Teddy is plotting to get his unhappy godfather and cousin to spend more time together so that they will be happy and get married and he will have all of his cousins to play with all the time. - word count: 12,238

I don't know why I thought writing this rec would be easy - I just turn into a gibbering puddle of goo whenever I try to coherently express how much I *LOVE* this fic. There's just so much to love - little Teddy and his adorably cunning plan, single fathers Harry and Draco, Luna & Neville, children's party planner Draco, Severus Snape... I could go on and on endlessly. And I didn't expect to be treated to a little extra in the form of my absolute FAVE rare pairing! It was really minor, yeah, but it made me so ridiculously happy to see it on top of everything else I loved - like the cherry on top! I want so badly to gush about this fic and everything I love about it, but I won't spoil it! Just read it! It's totally worth it x100!
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