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OMG, you guys, my [community profile] hd_holidays gift fic has posted and it is so FANTASTIC!!

Title: The Miniature Matchmaker by: anonymous - R; Harry/Draco, mentions of past Harry/Ginny and Draco/Astoria, various background pairings implied; warnings: Mentions of wanking - Summary: Teddy is plotting to get his unhappy godfather and cousin to spend more time together so that they will be happy and get married and he will have all of his cousins to play with all the time. - word count: 12,238

I don't know why I thought writing this rec would be easy - I just turn into a gibbering puddle of goo whenever I try to coherently express how much I *LOVE* this fic. There's just so much to love - little Teddy and his adorably cunning plan, single fathers Harry and Draco, Luna & Neville, children's party planner Draco, Severus Snape... I could go on and on endlessly. And I didn't expect to be treated to a little extra in the form of my absolute FAVE rare pairing! It was really minor, yeah, but it made me so ridiculously happy to see it on top of everything else I loved - like the cherry on top! I want so badly to gush about this fic and everything I love about it, but I won't spoil it! Just read it! It's totally worth it x100!
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Special holiday rec #2!!! This is my second gift from Kinky Kristmas over at [community profile] daily_deviant.

Title: The Encounter by: anonymous - NC-17; Severus Snape/Regulus Black; warnings/kinks: Tattoos, begging, ritual sex, ravishing - Summary: Regulus Black learned a great many things from Severus Snape. Things about himself, and Snape, that would change the course of his world. - word count: 3,298

Yay! Another gift for me! I'm so spoiled, you guys. :) This was just awesome! There really isn't enough Severus/Regulus around, so I was thrilled someone picked my prompt to write. It is a bit dark and serious and the ending is so touchingly sad~ but still true to canon. <3
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First holiday rec!! :D This fabulous fic is MINE, ALL MINE, hahahaha a gift for me~! It's absolutely YUM!

Title: Shredding the Rules by: anonymous - NC-17; Severus Snape/Harry Potter; warnings/kinks: First time, courting, edible aphrodisiacs, anal - Summary: Severus and Harry spend Christmas Eve together for the first time and break all the rules. - word count: ~3,400

This fic is everything I wanted when I prompted it. :) It's wonderfully sweet and also very, very hot! I love how needlessly concerned Harry is about whether Severus wants him. The courtship misunderstanding is hilarious and I could totally see Harry doing something like that. Luckily, Severus is more than agreeable to breaking the rules this time, haha. It's a really lovely read, I definitely recommend checking it out!

More recs to come. I promise! Sorry it's all so late~~~~
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Lucius Big Bang opened with a very special fic. It was written by [personal profile] silenceberry, and it is the most touching and sadly wonderful fic I have ever read. Please, I encourage you to read Silenceberry's Story.

My only warning for this fic is borrowed from [personal profile] reynardo's comment: "Read within reach of a box of tissues. Expect to spend a few minutes in tears and/or silent contemplation. Then go out and love life."

and a quick [community profile] snape_potter Cliche Fest rec:

Medium Rare by: anonymous - R; Severus/Harry; warnings - none. Summary: Seeing the dead is nothing new to Harry – it's when the dead are actually alive that the problems begin. - word count: ~17,000.

The relationship between Harry and Severus as it develops here is really superb. I was absolutely giddy just from reading the interactions. :) Also, I have never had a fic actually make my mouth water before! Amazing.


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